Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, buuuuuut.... still haven't told us how the skimmer got involved.

Kutsher's Tribeca got a bad employee. Every place gets one at some point. Jaiquan Ibraheem, who was only waiting tables for two months is accused of using a skimmer after picking up the check from the diners' tables. Police say he helped himself to $126K over that two months. Insert the 'and that was just rent' joke here. Actually Ibraheem went on a 90 large shopping spree which is what got him caught. One of the banks noticing odd purchases being rung up wised up authorities who made the pinch.

Now here is the full statement from Kutsher's Tribeca:

Kutsher's Tribeca has cooperated fully with a police investigation and subsequent arrest of a former employee who allegedly obtained credit card information from guests. Kutsher's Tribeca contacted the authorities as soon as they realized there may be an issue. The employee in question has not worked at Kutsher's Tribeca since April 2012, and Kutsher's Tribeca will continue to work with the NYPD to assist them in this matter.

That's cool. They cooperated from the hop. But what is the Kutsher's Tribeca's policy on how cards are handled? Let's find out together:

"All employees, when closing a check, must go straight to the terminal to run the card, then return straight to the table. The floor manager observes the processing of the card. This has always been the policy. Our credit card handling procedures are consistent with all industry standards and all required security and credit card processing protocols. We have had no subsequent problems once this team member stopped working with us."

Okay, buuuuuut so where in this tight window was the skimmer used? Wouldn't other servers have noticed a guy breaking convention and running cards over by saaaaaaaay the coats? If he's running the card in front of the floor manager only did someone miss the skimmer? Some questions get answered, others pop up...

We do appreciate the New York Post and Gothamist for actually naming the restaurant that was giving the customers wallet indigestion (Woo hoo gratuitous food metaphor!). That doesn't happen on this side of the river some of the time unfortunately. Unless it's national security and our tax dollars are arresting and prosecuting these matters we have a right to know the whos, whats and wheres.

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