Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shame on you Mayor Healy

Vetoing a pay-to-play law, that in our opinion you REALLY vetoed because it came from Steve Fulop (Why give him a clean city government initiative to run on right?), is inexcusable.

This city needs a pay-to-play law that is strong, like Fulop's, not the half-assed one your people at first proposed, even garnering a change of votes by one of your BFF's Michele Massey who got the hook special election day. You say it just won't stand up to legal challenges. Why Mr. Mayor, we never knew you were not only an accomplished mayor of New Jersey's second largest city (next census maybe you can get us over the top to #1 and New Jersey's automatic BCS bowl berth), but a legal scholar (“serious legal and constitutional questions”) too. How about we TRY tough pay-to-play laws and see if they are tossed out before vetoing any at all? Business as usual is not how things are done anymore.

At least you didn't allegedly hack anyone's email accounts as part of quality time with the family so please accept this critique on the policy level as it is intended.

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