Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Poor poor Upper East Siders, crossing warnings for blind people have them all upset

See when you have money there is no end to the douchery you can provide. Some on the Upper East Side are upset that the city of New York has installed, and plan on installing more of the "audible crosswalks" for the blind. First off for context here is such a crosswalk:

OK, so there is the sound helping out those with a disability. That sound has set off CB8 boardmember Michele Birnbaum:

"Whether or not it has merit for some is not necessarily the reason to have them installed. You can prove to me that this would be good on many street corners, but that doesn't mean that the majority of people in the community want it."

PROVE TO YOU?!?! PROVE TO YOU?!?! Sorry, the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn't ask for your permission. If the city wants to make the city safe and comfortable for ALL people more power to them. If you and your neighbors don't like that or the sound (and the chirps actually quiet at night because they do respond to ambient sound -- ie the louder the moment the louder the chirp for daytime) too f-ing bad. Johnny's got construction in his neighborhood all day. He can still hear the drone of a huge set of generators powering up a building after the storm. He's not filed any lawsuits. It's just sad the complaint isn't with construction or a noisy business after hours, it's about making life more difficult for those who are blind. That's what's blind here.

Right now there are 48 audible crosswalks in the entire city, with several more to be installed at 72nd, 79th, 86th, and 96th Streets according to Gothamist.

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