Thursday, January 10, 2013

After next year's Super Bowl the Pulaski Skyway will close for TWO YEARS!

That years not months and years plural. No official announcement has been made on this, that comes later but NBC 4 New York is saying a 1 billion dollar plan will be announced in Newark later today. A source told NBC4:

The 80-year-old bridge is "massively used, massively worn out," according to one transportation source, who declined to be named because local officials won't be briefed until Thursday morning.

Now if you travel to NYC via the Pulakski Skyway don't sleep on this info, this is the meat of it:

While rebuilding the Pulaski to last another 75 years will take several years, the part impacting New York-bound commuters will last about two years.

During that time, two of the bridge's four lanes will be redecked at a time, but only outbound traffic will be allowed, no matter which lanes are under construction, transportation sources said.

Got all that? After the Super Bowl no Pulaski for you!

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