Monday, January 30, 2017

Get on those horses Jersey City, it's a News Roundup

OK, Johnny of course will be commenting on the fact Jared Kushner and the Kushner family who do lots and lots of business, despite their felonious history and now inside ties to Trump, managed to drop 100K into Mayor Fulop's SuperPAC (which aw shuckins he didn't know no nuthin' about). He needs proper time for proper research.

* Jersey City police caught the jackhole who stole from the firehouse last week while the firefighters were out on a call saving a life. As suggested before, rat bucket should be on the table.

* Chris Christie, who used to be a vocal opponent of ridiculous Muslim bans, and called those for them, "the crazies" has suddenly gone silent on the matter.

* You'll love this taxpayer. The State of New Jersey might be on the hook for $1.8 billion in payback to the Securities and Exchange Commission because -- dum dum dum -- The Port Authority may have misled them on the Pulaski Skyway dealings. It's late, it's over budget, and it might cost 10 times more.

* Another senseless and utterly unforgivable act of drunk driving has severely injured a Jersey City woman. Samaa Dessouki, do you have no shame?

* And finally, there will be an anti-Muslim ban rally tonight at 6pm at the Newark/Grove St  pedestrian plaza. Next week let's have one in Journal Square. The week after Greenville. All together now!

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