Monday, January 9, 2017

Johnny had a chance to eat at Mathews tonight

Yes, that new place that used to be La Conguita at the corner of Bay St and Grove. Johnny will say this, it's a welcome addition to the palate. Johnny was with a group who wanted to try it and he was game. Lot s of dishes were passed around and the chef sent out an appetizer on the house when he heard it was everyone's first time. First off, Johnny as you know is not a drinker. He'll have coffee with dinner 90% of the time. The coffee at Mathews comes out French-pressed into your cup. Lovely. The appetizers were very nice. Mrs. Johnny called the appetizer the chef sent out, sweet corn fritters, are worth going back for by themselves. They were exceptional. The falafel bites were delightful in a wonderful sauce they rested on with red onions. Vegan friendly too for those who like that info. Our burger expert said the chuck to steak ratio was perfect. One small thing but again, it's a big thing, the tomato and lettuce on their burger made you want to eat them, not look at them with pity. Johnny's mushroom anglotti was spot on. A very enjoyable dish. Others enjoyed their meals very much and the waiter was very attentive and well versed in the menu, another good sign.

All in all Johnny will go back, probably in the not too distant future.

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