Friday, January 13, 2017

The Jersey City stand around jobs cops take? A protection racket

The stand around jobs gifted to the Jersey City Police Department are nothing more than a mafia-type city-run protection racket foisted upon local builders. Do you think they want to pay extra? These jobs are foisted upon the builders, Johnny has personally heard the sales pitch to site foremen.

These jobs are so WHOLLY unnecessary it is nothing more than a protection racket.

Nothing more. It must end now or the Fulop Administration will just be seen as being OK with ongoing city graft and dragging the city's name through the dirt further.


Anonymous said...

Municipal gov can't force a citizen to enter into contract with another one. Say, buy broccoli. That's jurisprudence. Off duty cop is just another citizen.

You are correct, that is an extortion. Approval by fulop does not make it legal. Otherwise I and Johnny can agree to sell Brooklyn bridge to fulop.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Right on! I'm no fan of the developers, everyone knows this BUT I call 'em like I see ;em and this is simply a protection racket.