Thursday, January 19, 2017

How many ways can Mayor Fulop politicize the State of the City speech?

Six so far...

Instead of giving  the usual State of the City speech, as mayors have done for decades here, an update of what went right and wrong over the past year and what the administration's goals for the upcoming year are. There's a little back patting, but all in all it's a rather non-partisan event. Yesterday Mayor Fulop announced he's eschewing the usual State of the City speech instead he's planning on giving a speech to tout his achievements for reelection later this year in each ward. We're gonna go ahead and just guess, after Fulop was held up and spanked before a crowd by Rev. Alonzo Perry Sr., of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at the Old Bergen Church last April, this will be a one-way discussion with Fulop giving a speech in each ward and not taking questions. Oh these "State of the City" speeches will be made to look like town hall events, that looks good for photographers, but it won't be.

Have you ever seen anyone, President, Governor, Mayor or Borough Overseer take questions after a "State of" speech? You go, he runs for re-election. He gets free press, free crowds and you'll be a prop.

Know when the time for these ward to ward speeches and or town hall meetings was? The last four years. Fulop has completely ignored huge swaths of the city for four years and NOW he needs a little credibility. Think on that. When did he come and give one of these in your district on you know, city things. Greenville? Heights? We've seen him back slap developers once or twice at Journal Square events and dozens of times downtown but most likely if you're reading this you weren't invited to those.

Where was he the last four years? We've found out he wanted to launch a secret run for governor from practically before the was inaugurated mayor of Cool City. Can't go out and meet if you're hiring consultants and attorneys and working with Super PACs. Want to see what a detached mayor looks like in real-life terms? Look at the JCPD since Fulop was elected.

Jersey City was not his first priority. No, it wasn't.

Trust Johnny on this, if Fulop himself didn't know this he wouldn't be doing this photo op tour.


Anonymous said...

Wall streets cheapest crackhead whore gets desperate.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Desperate yes. Crackhead whore? Not going there

Anonymous said...

Think about it: fulop gives 2 x 30 years tax giveaway to njcu and their Wall Street partners, without actual money present upfront to backup investment. Only after that, thay are guaranteed to market/flip an entire slave ship to investors with 12% future profits guaranteed by fulop at our expense. Our grandchildren who are not born yet will have to subsidize.

More, fulop took additional $16 million dollar loan from same Wall Street investors for street improvements on top of that tax giveaway, 'cause, you know, you can't sell/market those condos when local streets are crumbling.

All for measly contributions which Johnny and I call by name: bribes.

Fulop is addicted to these, and That is pretty good return.

So, yes, calling fulop wall streets cheapest crackhead whore is merited.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I'll go as far as whore, especially after reading Ellen Simon's description of how Fulop operates behind the scenes. Go to the Our Moon is Full link and get to reading.