Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good to see New Jersey's sanctuary cities standing up to the asshat

Jersey City, along with other sanctuary cities in New Jersey are telling Donald Trump keep your federal money we'll keep supporting immigrants and people here looking for the better life the gigantic statue 10 feet off the Jersey City shoreline promises. Said our Mayor Fulop:

"We intend to stand by our principles and values as a city," Fulop said in a statement Wednesday. "Jersey City was founded as a city of immigrants, and we are unwilling to be part of orders that break families apart or harm immigrants who are in this country."

Good for the sanctuary cities, especially ours.


Anonymous said...

Fulop is a hypocrite. Taking from the poor and giving to his Wall Street handlers. Here he strikes again.

I ask, what is wrong with deporting Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez once for all? How fulop justifies taking Feds money why refusing cooperation? There are many fatal dwi cases involving illegals in nj alone. Msm simply refuse to report.

Where is fulop's financial balance sheet of anchor babies. Who pays for that and why?

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I did find out until he orders the JCPD to stop cooperating with ICE we're not officially, though functioning sanctuary city. Get on that mayor!

Fatal DWI cases always make the news. As a victim of a drunk driver I look for them. I don't give a fuck who does them, white, black, man, woman, legal, illegal, green, orange, blue, I don't care

Anonymous said...

Fulop already ordered jcpd to stand down on enforcing insurance on uber drivers. This is plainly criminal protection of insurance fraud on fulop's side.

Anonymous said...

So Steve says we have to accept people who have disregard for our constitution by practicing sharia? Does acceptance of religious female genital mutilation comes with it? How about forced marriage of 12 years old girls? Do we have to accept that too, Steve?