Friday, January 20, 2017

Shuster is back with more "badvertising"

Last April, Johnny pointed out the badvertising, borderline racist advertising for Shuster's Oakman (The Jokeman) property on First St at Marin. FYI, it's one of the Jersey CIty Desk's biggest stories counting eyeballs and unique hits. Thousands of hits.

People seemed stupefied that a company in this day and age would let their outward advertising on a property look so very white with no people of color being seen anywhere, pretty much like if you weren't white you need not bother inquiring. Now the Jokeman is back advertising (they just haven't sold those as quickly as they thought they might, Johnny hopes he's played a part in that in some small way) and they've now gone from "wow, that looks racist" to "Wow, that's racist."

What the Oakman ads show now is a mixed-couple, she's of Asian descent and he is white. They show this very white looking couple going about an everyday life at The Oakman and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, an African American shows up in an ad....

He's the bellhop, of course.

Two years worth of advertising and Shuster actually makes themselves look WORSE advertising this place almost every time. They simply cannot tell us in good faith there isn't something racial going on either with them or the people they constantly hire to do their ad work.

It's time Shuster tells us which one or they can continue to not fill The Jokeman.

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