Friday, January 27, 2017

Who is funding the upcoming Jersey City mayoral and council races? People not from Jersey City

Sadly, it's true. The top two candidates who have released their fundraising numbers as required by law, both Mayor Steve Fulop and top opponent Bill Matsikoudis are both filling their coffers from those not living in Jersey City. With Mayor Fulop we know developers and outside interests are gonna give big, he can't say no to them (make your own decisions on that one as to why). As former corporation counsel under Jerramiah Healy, Matsikoudis is also taking in outside cash, though not as much.

Charles Mainor, we're not going there yet, he needs to get his finances in line and stop taking improper and illegal 100K donations from the attorney of the guy who beat the hell out of the Easter Bunny at the Newport Mall last year. We may circle back to him.

As for Fulop and Matsikoudis, the numbers shake down like this:

Matsikoudis -- 178 donations, 44 from Jersey City residents. #Sad
Fulop -- 620 donors to Fulop, his council team and the JCDC in the last quarter of 2016. Of those contributors, 346 are Jersey City residents. #Sad

So, as the great Terrence T. McDonald reports, these numbers mean over 80% of these donations are from outside the city. That should tell you exactly who they both plan on serving if elected.

We'd be remiss if we didn't take a dig at the ridiculous spin put out by Jennifer Mo---wait, what's this, Steve Fulop has a campaign spokesperson equally capable of producing a verbal nothingburger with a side of word salad? Let's check out her style together shall we?

Fulop campaign spokeswoman Hannah Peterson said, "The most important thing to note is that the majority of our donors reside in Jersey City, showing overwhelming local support from residents who are investing in Mayor Fulop's vision by becoming engaged in a grassroots fundraising effort."

Well Hannah Peterson, you're gonna be in for a rough ride from the Jersey City Desk staff if you keep putting out horse-shit like that.

Tiny donations from around the city mean shit to Steve Fulop. How many of those donors got meetings with him over the last 3.5 years? See, we KNOW the big developers can get meetings anytime they want, hell the Silvermans practically live at city hall (when they're not involved in a plot to call the building dilapidated so they can build a new one) and recent reports show Fulop will meet the big developers anytime they want.

What about you Jersey City, do either of these guys sound like Jersey City is their first and only priority? We know Fulop spent the first 3.5 years of his mayoral gig making decisions and comments only in regard to how it would play out running for governor. Yep, he pretty much wasted a LOT of his first term. No wonder nobody who lives in Jersey City is ready to write Fulop the BIG check.

Matsikoudis is a Healy man. We know what that means. They look out for themselves and their cronies. They tend to look the other way at hard problems as they did forever, always kicking the can down the road.

it's a sad start to a Friday to see this November race already setting up as such. Fulop or Matsikoudis will win and residents and taxpayers will lose.

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