Saturday, April 4, 2009

Final Four open thread

Johnny has shuttered the Jersey City Desk office today and sent Zoltron and Kiki home, or off to New York City so we can all watch the games. Johnny's going to eat himself into a coma. He's sent an advance team to Balduccis over at 8th Avenue and 14th Street in New York to bring home some tasty morsels for the coming feast.

Use this thread should you have anything to comment on for the Final Four, NHL hockey or maybe you wanna get a jump on baseball's start later next week.


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

Two things, Detroit-related. Did you see the Wings will be on NBC tomorrow VS the Wild?

Also, did you hear about about the hullabaloo in Detroit over the Tigers home opening being on Good Friday?

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Are the Christians angry there is a game on Good Friday? Boy, talk about entitlement. If you don't feel in good conscience you can make it on Good Friday, you have 81 other games you can go see. Like the world should stop because a religion has some day THEY deem holy is absurd. MOST people who get that day off aren't going to church anyway. They're sleeping in.

I did see the Wings game was at 12:30 but I think I'm going into NYC for a photography exhibit...