Sunday, April 19, 2009

The New York Yankees, they take and take and take, if you're waiting for the part where they give back, you're in the wrong place

Let's see, the public is on the hook for hundreds of millions in tax money for the new Yankee Stadium. The Yankees will keep all the concessions, any parking an all that teevee money. What a deal for taxpayers right?

It gets worse. The Yankees, in order to get their new stadium built, razed many local parks and high school and community ballfields. You'd think that in order to be good community citizens, they'd make up those costs and repay the local area in kind. You'd think. Sadly, one local high school is now playing home games out on Staten Island while the school has had to buy 2 busses at the cost of $75,000 and needs another one to move the kids around. A local football field bit the dust. In fact, some local park organizers say the local area stands to lose 4 acres in park land. All Hallows, a local high school who lost their home field and the ones playing out on Staten Island have received a pitching machine from the Yankees as some kind of payment, unfortunately, it's too big for their new cramped space.

Hoo man, thanks Yankees.

The Yankees keep promising things will be rebuilt, they keep quoting timelines that are quickly becoming unworkable due to the rising construction costs and other issues so who loses? Not the Yankees, unless its on their field.

We're going to give the Jersey City Desk last word on this sad matter to civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel:

“There needs to be an apology to this community for the promises unkept.”


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

If the gall the NYC community showed taking bonuses for epic failure are any indication this is business as usual in the Big Apple. When have the Yankees ever shown they were a class operation? And I bet that pitching machine was old and rickety and that's the only reason they "gave" it to that school (also knowing their new field was too small for it to operate so they'd never know it didn't work). The evil runs deeps for those who wear the pinstripes with no sign that it will ever abate. I hope their season keeps going just like it is...

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Couldn't have said it better