Friday, April 24, 2009


Well OK, if we had a Letterman clip we'll have a Conan clip. Here is the incredible Patty Griffin from 1999 on Late Night with one of Johnny's favorite Patty Griffin numbers 'Blue Sky'. Flaming Red, the album this song is on should be in your collection, if it's not, you have something to do tonight. Johnny has been lucky enough to see Patty (She asked Johnny to call her by her first name--what, it could happen. Johnny Action Space Punk--friend to the stars) twice and if you're ever able to do it, cough up a few bucks for the ticket, you'll be so glad you did. She's not to be missed.

Patty Griffin with 'Blue Sky'

Red border for Flaming Red, get it? You're lucky Johnny's in tonight, Zoltron wanted a Pablo Cruise video...


Trixie Junior Space Punk said...

I've got you beat, Johnny - I've seen Patty four times. Once at Clutch Cargo's when she opened for Lucinda Williams (helluva double bill, huh?), twice at the Ark and once at the Michigan Theater. Freaking awesome show every time.

Patty came out and sang with Lucinda. ROCK!

Great choices all around tonight, Johnny. Trixie thanks you.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

You are most welcome. I'm digging EDEE's choice of the Decemberists too, I've listened to that a couple times tonight