Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Annnnnnd we're back to bikes

Not bikeshare programs but buttholes who ride their bikes on the sidewalk with impunity. Ya know how bikers are all apoplectic when it comes to THEIR rights on the road and how cars, if they exist at all, should be better aware of the BIKERS on the road.

OK, allow Johnny to retort; Know what MY rights are as a pedestrian? That you keep your bikes in the ROAD. Unless being walked they should never be on the sidewalks. If bikes are going to exist at all they'd better wise up and understand the laws and rights of peds.

Oh there ARE remedies for bikers on the sidewalks but let's not let it come to that. If you're too afraid to ride in the road your choice is then walking or driving. You bikers don't belong on sidewalks, now shoo!

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