Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just riffing on Jersey City

Let's go on a few quick riffs this evening on all things Jersey City (and not).

The new downtown buildings at 90 Columbus, The One, The Morgan, the new offset Ironstate building and the Drumpf Tower on Bay St. Most have have some kind of issues with falling debris either hitting a cop or killing someone, careless fires that shut downtown, one just opened and a pest control truck was seen in their parking lot (off limits to anyone but them). The Butler Building, the rehab going on at Washington and Bay St is being written up in the New York Times as true luxury and quality. The problematic new buildings? All union work. The Butler Building? Non-union labor. Discuss...

Speaking of The One, we're at the one year anniversary of Lloyd Goldman's asshat brigade tearing up a PAD Park. It's still not fixed though Candice Osborne says it will be, after the chromium Goldman's BLDG dug up is cleaned up. Probably fall before Jersey City residents can use it. A year and a half because of a half-wit developer.

We'd belatedly like to praise Mayor Fulop on raising the minimum wage for city workers to $15 an hour. It's truly the right thing to do and no doubt Fulop knows this will be used against him in his run for governor (Oh, we all pay for your schools but you have the money to do this?) so kudos for doing something truly selfless politically.

The new Game of Thrones trailer for season six is out. Cersei's steely claim with Ser Robert Strong at her back saying "I choose violence" was too cool. FYI, this is Johnny's guess and since the books have been caught by the show it's not technically a spoiler, The Hound is the Valonqar.

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