Friday, March 4, 2016

Danger, Danger Will Robinson, impending Hoboken Lepre-Con tomorrow

Yes, we know they're not calling it Lepre-Con anymore but does anyone have a better name for what does and will happen tomorrow in the Mile Square City? Tons of drunken louts and loutettes wandering from bar to bar with a wristband that can cost, *GASP* upwards of SIX US dollars will be fuel to the drinking fire. Just about anyone selling food or booze in FuHo is open and catering to this though they'll say they're not catering to it. Yes, they are. If they weren't they'd tell those in green costumes and those who have already had a couple too many beers to get stepping.

There you have it, the 24 hour avoid Hoboken rule goes into effect around dawn tomorrow and carries over to dawn on Sunday when the last of the litter and passed out customers & yack are cleaned off the sidewalks.

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