Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time to start planning for an NJ Rail strike after next week

No burying the lead on this one:

NJ Transit officials warned commuters on Thursday that bus service would only be able to handle 40 percent of the 105,000 people who get to work using its rail service if unions walk off the job in 10 days over a contract dispute.

Johnny's gonna stay out of the politics of this but it is worth \noting NJ Transit workers have worked several years with no contract.

The scariest part about getting around are there two points:

* 10,000 cars an hour during the morning and evening commuting peak on to roads in a 25-mile radius of New York

* The plan would mirror what was done in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy flooded and shut down the Hudson River rail tunnels and damaged the North Jersey Coast Line — using hired charter buses running from park and ride lots to bring commuter to Hudson River ferries.

So, the question becomes how do you get around and what are your plans to get around the area in the case a strike happens. So tell us Jersey City and the surround, did you learn any new ways to go after Sandy or do you have a secret route?

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