Friday, March 25, 2016

It would appear Mayor Fulop has his first real scandal

After first being elected, Mayor Fulop said he wanted to put more cops in the community and was working on a plan to get civilians trained in traffic control to volunteer around construction sites and free up the police who stand around and smoke cigars (yep it happened), text on their phones rarely looking up (we just documented that for like the PI time last week) or they just say fuck it and go to sleep:

Mayor Fulop said this was all going to change. Until suddenly it didn't and nobody seems to want to answer why. Johnny can't get an answer, couldn't get one before this big story was broken by The Real Jersey City. GO WATCH the video. You'll see that one particular officer (and with all of Johnny's documentation since 2011 downtown you can surmise this shit goes on constantly) simply lies about his time and saunters off to do what he does. The Real Jersey City's Michael Shurin does his due diligence and catches Lt. Terrence Crowley simply stealing from us all. Hands in the cookie jar. Red handed. BUSTED! We're not going to embed the YouTube video, Mr. Shurin's work deserves the clicks.

UPDATE: Mr. Shurin has offered us the use of the video so we will happily link it here:

Now we come to find out when asked about three other officers the Fulop Administration has delivered two different sets of numbers in two different documents. They sent false documents. Why wouldn't they match? In the words of Mary Chapin Carpenter, "The stars might lie but the numbers never do." If it quacks like a coverup friends, it's a coverup. 

Where are the right documents Mr. Mayor? Is your chief of public safety screwing you yet again? He supposedly is in control of this program, maybe ask him. Get copious amounts of detail. Something really really stinks about this police as security guard system around town. Watch the video peeps, this matters.

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