Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just listen to all this community spirit by Mack-Cali over the NJTransit strike

You've gotta love a company that acts all community oriented unless we're guessing you ask hard questions or don't take things at face us here at the Jersey City Desk.

As we've talked about here, there is the possibility of an NJ Transit rail strike starting Sunday morning at 12:01am. It could impact the Monday morning commute in a bad bad bad way. To "help prepare" for such a possibility, we learn from the Wall Street Journal, that Mack-Cali, a real estate company with a footprint here in Jersey City has a plan. They are going to make more spots in their parking lots/decks for people who will be forced to drive.

Sounds great right? Unless you read that they are planning on limiting access to the parking by their own residents. We're guessing this is parking residents already pay for in some capacity. To boot them for the commuters, whom we're guessing Mack-Cali will charge for parking makes this whole thing seem pretty scammy doesn't it? You people get out so those who will pay more for what you're getting now are coming. Go on, fuck off.

Just come back when they settle.

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