Friday, March 4, 2016


Johnny, WHO? Tom Tykwer, the guy so cool, he not only wrote, produced and directed the indie movie once called the Citizen Kane of music videos, Run Lola Run, he wrote the music. Now Tykwer (who was dating Franka Potente at the time and wrote the role of Lola with her in mind) thought if he let someone else write the soundtrack they'd only serve to fuck that up and ruin his vision. Know what he did? He wrote what Johnny considers one of the ten best soundtracks to any movie ever by himself. Yeah, wrote the entire soundtrack/score.

Here's a piece with no real true singing in it, just a small voice piece and yet Johnny thinks it's one of the most perfect pieces of music he's ever heard. Tom Tykwer and 'Casino'

P.S. If you're somehow reading this Ms. Franka Potente do know Johnny has the biggest crush on you. Email him :)

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