Thursday, April 14, 2016

Any more costs from delaying the reval is now ALL on Mayor Fulop

As expected, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Francis B. Schultz, ruled against Jersey City, ie Steve Fulop's administration, who upon taking office looked for excuses to stop the reval and up until now has been embarrassingly successful.

Judge Schultz who had earlier expressed his disdain for city tactics said in his ruling:

"The evidence in this trial is clear and convincing," the judge said. "The city simply does not want a revaluation. Period."

Exactly. We here at the Jersey City Desk have said it umpteen times. The city is long overdue for one, state law requires it, time to eat the vegetables. Stop acting like a child in so obviously protecting, or should we say ham-handedly trying to protect the interests of anyone who might be hit up for a check when Fulop announces his run for governor (even as that secret SUPERPAC floods his accounts with moolah).

Enough. The state has demanded it. Judge Schultz said you were acting childish or even imperial throughout this entire case. No more delays, no more tedious and doomed-to-fail lawsuits and certainly NO MORE tax abatements until the reval is performed. Any more costs due to delays are all on you Mr. Mayor. We understand this is chundering your run for governor but you've only got yourself and your official "Hudson County politician" pin to blame.

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