Monday, April 4, 2016

Mayor Fulop's obsfucation has come to an end on the Reval -- It's now state ordered

Mayor Steve Fulop's ending of the citywide reval shortly before he took office (and that may or may not have been an illegal act, that's still in court) and his protection of donors and the downtown rich folk was overruled by the State of New Jersey today, there WILL Now be a reval ordered in Jersey City, Elizabeth and Dunellen, all communities that have gone over 25 years without a reval.

Local resident Esther Wintner had this to say of the coming reval:

Esther Wintner, of Jersey City, predicted a revaluation would mean her property taxes could skyrocket overnight. But foremost is her own sense of fairness, and she's resigned to its necessity. 

"I'm really afraid of this reval and what it's going to mean to our home and our family. However, I also know it's the law," she said at a January public hearing by the Division of Taxation in Jersey City. "My morals tell me that this is what we need to do. The law tells me that. Yet, I'm afraid."

At that public hearing, Wintner and a half dozen residents encouraged the state to step in and overrule Mayor Steven Fulop, a likely 2017 gubernatorial candidate who canceled a revaluation in the works when he took office in 2013.

So, like it or not, or perhaps like MANY MANY people in Jersey City you'll welcome the reval, it's coming and there's nothing Steve Fulop can do anymore to protect his donors over it.

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