Friday, April 8, 2016

Let's talk about the preponderance of these PD window sticker badges

You've seen them, the little tri plastic holders showing some kind of police union or other police designation that isn't really a badge and isn't really a permission slip, they just hope it will be.

They're as official and carry as much legal weight as 'Baby on Board' signs.

Johnny is the President of a local board that includes an entire block of buildings. One has private parking, owned BY THE BUILDING, and whom do you think continually ran roughshod over the private parking? People with FOP badges in their windows. After a recent meeting the residents wanted Johnny and the board to do something about this. So tow it was the board decided. Earlier this week the private space had again, two cars with competing FOB badges (It's just amazing how many people are cops isn't it? LOL). Johnny then walked the neighborhood asking the cops standing around not doing much at the local construction sites. These weren't their cars.

So towed they were and boy howdy you should have heard the outcry.

When contacted by the first of the cars who were towed (Johnny takes the shit for this, not the supers job) they actually told Johnny "It's the law, you must respect those." No, no we don't. The second person was just as apoplectic screaming at Johnny you cannot tow cars with those stickers. Johnny asked him if he could see his badge or other PD affiliation. He stormed off muttering under his breath. Funny man, go call a cab.

Both these scofflaws were busted, being bad actors with fake police ID on their cars. In both cases the individuals who either shouldn't have had these or they were using them to bully Jersey City into letting them park or stand anywhere they want, you know, don't screw with the police, you don't know who's on the other end of the sticker. Those days are over. Do not be afraid to confront those parking like assholes or illegally to put up or shut up on the badges/stickers. You'll find out really quickly who should have one and who just has one.

If you'd like to go out and take snapshots of such vehicles we'll have a ball with them here. Make sure to get license plates on the cars, for confirmation and all.

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