Sunday, April 10, 2016

NJ Transit, they're not only videotaping you, they're recording your voice

A quick reminder about your rights this morning as NJ Transit now admits not only are you on camera (hey, you're on camera everywhere anymore) but now they are recording your conversations/discussions or anything else you might say while on the train. That's right, NJ Transit is listening in to what you say. Did you sign up for that?

NJ Transit seems to want to hide behind the "people want to be safe" excuse but here, read for yourself:

"Passengers have repeatedly told the agency that security is a priority in the quarterly scorecard surveys of riders, Smith said. "The onboard surveillance systems are also a deterrent for crime and unruly behavior."

But security has to be balanced with a person's right to have a private conversation with the person next to them, critics said.

"You expect some privacy. You don't have it if you are yelling across the car. If you're sitting next to a person and talking to them and you don't know there is a microphone picking up your conversation, our laws say you have a right to a private conversation," said Ed Barocas, legal director of the state American Civil Liberties Union.

The NJ Transit talking head went onto obfuscate over what they are doing with the recordings or how long they'll be use or even HOW they'll be used. Good reading on a Sunday morning.

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