Thursday, April 14, 2016

While we're happy Mayor Fulop seems to have backed off wanting a casino in Jersey City...

...We still don't trust this mess is over, and sure wonder why the flip. Fulop as many know has sidled up with a Boston developer to build an unneeded, unnecessary and unsustainable casino in Jersey City, no doubt on the taxpayer's dime while all parking and game revenues go to the very few.

Suddenly though, Fulop paid a visit to Atlantic City and came back thinking, "Know what, maybe we don't want that."  Good, he's been reading the Jersey City Desk again. We have explained in graphs, numbers and anecdotal evidence that a casino would be a very bad thing here.

But why the flip? Let's try and find out together.

Today, Fulop said his discussions with Atlantic City leaders — he met today with its council president, Marty Small — and residents have cooled him to the idea of a Jersey City casino. It's not clear anymore that casinos can bring an economic boost and jobs without bringing along crime and broken promises of economic development, he said.

He said he will spend the next few weeks mulling it over and will announce before November whether he still supports casino expansion. If he decides not to, he told the media in Atlantic City today, he will campaign against the referendum.

"I'm not reluctant to say that sometimes I make a mistake and my position can change based on new information," he told The Jersey Journal.

So, is it really self-reflection at work here? Was this the mayor's fist time to AC and to look around and really see what the economy there is? While we're happy he's obviously been listening to Johnny Jersey City residents must remain ever vigilant on this issue.

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