Friday, April 1, 2016

Just because you bought the land doesn't mean you own it

No doubt when Lloyd Goldman bought the properties at 110 First St. and 111 First St. (Home of the old old Arthouse) to put up stinky condo buildings, he'd be called out by a New Jersey state department on not REALLY owning the property.

According to the New Jersey Office of Native American Affairs, Goldman's new The One condo building may well have to be TORN DOWN. "We take antiquities extremely seriously as you know" said John Butler with the NJONAA "It's apparent the owners, when they bought the properties(s) they didn't check the state database on Native American grounds."

So, what comes next? Quite possibly a tear down of The One, another possibility is for the NJONAA can dig into The One's sub-flooring according to Butler, the state reserves the right to call for it.. While nothing would make Johnny laugh harder it would serve Goldman right.

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