Monday, April 11, 2016

They held a remembrance at the Katyn Memorial yesterday

Johnny and Mrs. Johnny had gone out to dinner on April 10th 2010 at Light hOrse Tavern and then walked down to the waterfront. How does Johnny remember that date so specifically? That was the night a Polish government and military contingent, on it's way back from Moscow after commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre had their plane crash eerily near the Katyn forest that claimed so many Polish lives decades before. There was a very large and somber group of Jersey City's Polish residents who had come to stand together to deal with now not one but now two great national tragedies in Katyn. Johnny had no real idea what the Jersey City waterfront statue was about until that night. He's done quite a bit of research on the massacre since then.

People who know much more than Johnny met once again at the Memorial yesterday and the Jersey Journal has a nice photostory. At the JJ page Johnny posted the picture he'll share here, one of his favorites he's ever taken. No filters, just a foggy late afternoon March day last year.

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