Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fulop and DeGise are probably no longer fans of night church

The Old Bergen Church opened wide and swallowed up Mayor Fulop and Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise whole last night. Both men, missing their usual cadre of police officers, friendly administration officials and supporters, were asked the hard questions and when they didn't have answers, or tried to dodge them they were met with less than friendly responses, it would seem many in the African-American community in Jersey CIty are sick of being taken for granted and leaned on every-time downtown needs a tax cut:

The Rev. Alonzo Perry Sr., of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, pressed Fulop on why his administration has not moved forward with a citywide reval, one Perry said would shift the city's tax burden from its less affluent neighborhoods to wealthier areas. Fulop's attempts to explain his reasoning for postponing the reval were met with occasional jeers from the crowd of about 850 gathered inside Old Bergen Church for the launch of Jersey City Together.

"I did believe as I do believe today that people in this room would lose their homes," Fulop said. "I believe that."

"People are losing their homes now, Mr. Mayor," Perry said to applause. "People are leaving the city now, Mr. Mayor. There's a crisis in the city today, Mr. Mayor."

According to many there, DeGise was an utter jackhole, constantly shifting blame and crying poor and committing to not much. Just like his day job. Fulop however seemed in over his head said some who were there and this report does make it seem like there is a disconnect between the African American community in Jersey City and a Mayor who views it as one big Ward E. This was a very very telling meeting in both the Jersey City context and more than likely Fulop's run for governor. Without his support staff and being able to call the meeting shots the mayor shrunk and got rattled and also watched a key section of any Democratic candidate's base further peel away.

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