Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Central Park just opened four previously off-limits acres

It's true, a section of Central Park, almost four acres has been off-limits to everyone and has recently started allowing people back in, as long as it's during limited times and limited amounts of people:

Did you know that there are four acres of Central Park that have been closed off since the 1930s? While the Central Park Conservancy has given the park a remarkable new life since the 1980s, they haven't quite gotten to everything, but now they've announced a "new" (to you) section is ready for humans: the Hallett Nature Sanctuary (née Promontory) will open this summer.

Aside from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the Sanctuary—located by the Pond—is the only permanently fenced-off section of the park. “The story is, [then Parks Commissioner] Robert Moses closed it off because he wanted it to turn into a bird sanctuary,” said the CPC's Douglas Blonsky.

So follow this link and see the exact whens and wheres to get a look at this previously unseen (and unspoiled) tract of land.

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