Thursday, May 12, 2016

The contemptible Chico Ramchal has resigned in disgrace

Contemptible? Oh you bet. He has contempt for taxpayers and the people in his ward when he cuts a plea deal to not go to jail for five years for falsifying job records for his no-show job. Yeah, a no-show job and some still say this clown really works hard for people.

Horseshit. The people saddest to see him go are the ones in Ward B who see a chance to make a buck trading off his name. The people who he boldly protected by stopping fines for parking across sidewalks and non-running cars in front yards.

Contempt for anyone and everyone in his CHOICE to drive drunk. He didn't think there'd be any consequences for it because of who he is. If it weren't for the award winning reporting from the Jersey Journal's Terrence T. McDonald we never would have found the incredible level of contempt Ramchal has for Jersey City residents (or anyone else in his path that night). He's probably stunned it went this far. Johnny's quite happy it went this far and is upset it didn't go further.

Let's face facts, Chico Ramchal got a special deal in all this because he had a Jersey City council job to forfeit and make the judge look good. He should be in jail. Time on both counts. Judges sentence for contempt of court well how about jail time for contempt of city? Contempt of taxpayer?

Johnny's very outspoken on drunk drivers and their lazy self serving choice to do so because he was the victim of one. Especially out here, in the land of taxis and Ubers and Lyft. Again, Ramchal didn't think the rules applied to him so these ideas probably never even crossed his mind.

Selfish contemptible lawbreakers shouldn't get special treatment as Ramchal did here because they have a shiny object to barter with. Johnny will never get used to nor accept the politicking and the blind eye turned as it is here in Jersey City. Hell, he half expects Rolando Lavarro to wait two years and try and name a park after Chico.

Jersey City, make it yours.

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