Thursday, May 26, 2016

The last straw

It happened this morning, about the time Johnny saw the Red Bulls feed on Twitter coming out with yet another change in bag policies wherein clear bags with draw strings are no longer allowed. What the fuckity fuck ever. Yes, treat everyone who wants to go to your event like a would-be terrorist. If you're to the point a clear bag with draw strings is somehow a McGyver terror kit then Johnny's just done with the lot of you. He had to deal with a shitty brand spanking new bag policy down in New Brunswick at the Michigan State vs Rutgers football game October 10th. Oh hey, we forgot to tell you, yeah her purse can't come in but if you go to the other side of the stadium we have a locker truck set up and for the low low one time price of 10$ we'll hold your wife's purse for the night. Yeah, no planned profiteering going on there. Just a quick explanation of "Well we just decided to go with the NFL policy." Well thanks for telling anyone.

So no Red Bulls, Johnny's enjoyed going in the past but no more. No NFL games, No RU football games, no to anywhere that acts like this. At Devils games they look in your bag and let you in, they haven't given in to this "The guest is not to be trusted" policy so you know it's not some set in stone mandated law as certain venues would like you to believe. Red Bulls, don't call Johnny anymore about ticket plans (he unsubscribed from your constant emails a while ago but that did nothing) or this or that. The team may well be playing deep into the playoffs. Swell, just sell that seat to someone else.

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