Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Late night open thread

Johnny has been talking back and forth with the singing legend known as Kelly Hogan on Twitter tonight as the old Bod Seger song, 'Mainstreet' came up and Johnny was dreamily imagining Ms. Hogan and her beautiful voice nailing that last Mainstreeeeeeeeeeeetttttt near the very end of this song. Johnny told her he'd come up with copious amounts of Uncle Sam's best green pocket liner to hear it. Kelly offered him a money back guarantee if he can get to Evanston Illinois by this Thursday. So ah, Johnny doesn't fly so if you're taking the I-80 to the end of the night we're there. Ride share in comments.

Well, this was going to be your Late night open thread, a little musical banter with a really truly great singer until Bob Seger's record company who shall remain nameless because why even let them read their names, took down every studio version of Mainstreet and frankly the live versions are from the second deck on first generation iPhones. So, record company dongbeavers, you ruined everyone's good time because you were too cheap and or lazy to open a Vevo.

Assholes (and we're starting to like this gif frankly)

Time for Jersey City, After Dark

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