Friday, May 20, 2016

The Jersey City Desk is holding it's first contest!

What a unique idea, right?

OK, here's the deal. We want you to go and photograph the oldest left behind No Parking sign (most likely it'll have duct tape on it and be in tatters) within the Jersey City limits. If yours is the oldest Johnny will make a donation in your name of $50 to the Liberty Humane Society (He'll give it anyway but it'll just go in under YOUR good name). We'll run this until July 4th, an easy date to remember. You can email them to Johnny, post them to Twitter and @Johnny on it, or if you Facebook it or Instagram it do let Johnny know as he's not got an account on either.

So, you see these goddamned awful looking things hanging off trees, fences, light posts etc and they all look just like shit don't they? The Jersey City Parking Authority is simply too lazy to go clean up after themselves. How hard is it? They're all over town and obviously have a record of where they put them so clean them up. They often paper over the exact same spots around construction sites. Do they clean up the old ones? No they just put the new ones over the old ones.

To quote the Mayor of Mount Rose Minnesota in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, "Lazy sons-of-bitches."

Some of these things are YEARS old and that's where you come in. If they won't clean up we'll simply publicly embarrass them (if possible at this point).

Go, times a wasting!

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