Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gothamist took a good look at the food and drink scene in Jersey City...

...just don't read the comments if you're from Jersey City.

Yes, a very nice and rather full look at the food and drink scene in Cool City (You could have included Bucket and Bay) with some nice write-ups. Many here will already be familiar with the restaurants and bars and coffeehouses as we regularly discuss them here. It's a good look at how someone else views our restaurants.

Now, as for the comments they seem to come from bitter, entitled hipsters who think it simply can't be any good if it's across the Hudson River. Yes, that is actually their 'argument' in many cases. One of the commenters resorted to what they thought was a clever 'Stop trying to make Jersey City happen' pre-made meme generator which should tell you all you need to know about the bitter shits who comment on Gothamist on all things NJ. They're deep thinkers who, when they see something not named NYC immediately fall back into 9th grade bunker mode. That's fine, as the old adage goes more for us. We will however leave a closing comment to those across the way who live with this anti-anything not NYC attitude:

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