Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lest you feel Johnny always picks on the mayor

He had nothing to do with The Star-Ledger's Tom Moran saying of Mayor Steve Fulop, and we quote:

"Fulop on Wednesday threw a tantrum aimed at George Norcross, the political boss from South Jersey who controls the party's biggest and most unified faction...

Fulop is not the powerhouse that Norcross is when it comes to moving votes in the Legislature. But many Democrats outside South Jersey resent Norcross -- a centrist who has allied himself repeatedly with Gov. Chris Christie -- and Fulop wants to be their hero..."

Moran goes on to point out Fulop makes cryptic if not outright claims Norcross was trying to enrich himself in casino deals in Atlantic City (among other things) and when pressed, or his talking heads were pressed for proof, Fulop had none.

Then Norcross got his turn and things escalated quickly:

"My father always told me never to interrupt someone making a fool out of themselves," he said in a written statement. "But it is important to note that the mayor did not always have a negative impression of me. He has repeatedly sought my advice and support, including just a few months ago when he traveled two hours to my office in South Jersey and begged for my support for governor.

"I respectfully declined, but perhaps that rejection is behind today's unhinged statement."

Wow, that ball hasn't landed yet.

For basically walking into that shovel in the face from Norcross, Moran awarded Fulop with "The Dumbest Stunt of the Year Award."

Perhaps you recall the movie Apocalypse Now. As Martin Sheen was meeting his new boatmates and going over their qualities or lack thereof in his own mind he mentioned Chef, a guy from New Orleans who worked as a saucier, he said he was wound too tight for Vietnam. Hell, Sheen thought, he was probably wound too tight for New Orleans. Maybe that's what we see from Fulop on the big stage that is the whole of New Jersey. Wound too tight. We know he's already secretive when he ran against it, he doesn't like criticism, even fairly done, those people are simply dismissed as those who don't love the city and fail to see the potential. When one perceives the walls of the bower closing in things get strange, and you start winning Dumbest Stunt of the Year Awards.

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