Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In the words of Johnny Rotten...

"...Oh Bollocks, why should I carry on?"

Those famous words are indeed from Johnny Rotten, playing what would be the Sex Pistols last ever show at Winterland in San Francisco. Rotten had watched things deteriorate among the band members and especially the management of the tour and in general and was just ready for it all to end.

So is Johnny Action Space Punk.

Why should Johnny continue to give two shits about a city that doesn't even care about itself? Elected officials and government employees (and their three or more government jobs) have been proving to Johnny over these last 8 years they don't give a shit. They are only there to enrich themselves while getting away with doing as little as possible. We have a person on council the Mayor treats with kid gloves who DROVE DRUNK and crashed a government vehicle. Yet the mayor or other council members say jack shit about Chico? Why? Are they afraid to tell him "Hit the bricks asshole you've caused us enough embarrassment. Why are you still here?" So city council and the mayor don't care, never have OR they'd speak out against such behavior as drunk driving and a no-show job. This is Jersey City and since Chico makes Stevie's job easier you'll never hear anything and that's beyond sad. Of course contempt for voters, graft and poor decisions are what 280 Grove St was built upon and it continues today.

That's another proof-positive reason the people in charge could give a shit, no-show jobs and government employees getting that third government job. Nowhere else does this happen. Johnny has lived in other places and nowhere is the money grubbing for government jobs so pronounced. 95% of these people can't do ONE government job well let alone a second or third. They bleed society dry of positions that should be effective in helping people and not hoarded but again, this isn't changing and likely never will and it shows again the powers that be don't really care. We're also now, since the police like it so cushy and cannot be bothered to answer calls or do anything not privateered, we'll make their lives miserable in posting and taking more images of steroid-infused sleeping Jersey City police in their cars. We'll even include one at the end just for laughs (hey, since actually working to improve the city isn't an option for these guys let's just go for the laughs).

The city doesn't care about sending cops when citizens call so why should Johnny care anymore? The most basic city service, I need a cop please send one is met with indifference and churlishness. Here's something you never knew about Johnny; He'd go out two and sometimes three nights a week around 2am, walk the dire wolf and make notes about missing manhole covers, detritus in the street or across the sidewalks, downed power lines etc. From Coles St. area to Grand to the River and through the PAD. He'd walk here and there and make notes of burned out streetlights and take all this info on his own time and send it to the proper departments with the picture documentation and where the thing that needed attention was located. Then he'd sit and watch as weeks and months go by and nothing gets done and as many of you know follow-up calls in this city are treated by dispatchers like YOU are the true problem. He's done with this. He's done trying to make a true difference with suggestions and ideas. He has better ways to spend his fucking time. He's not calling the police on suspicious people or drug users in cars. If the city officials and PD won't do something about it all, then yes, the city deserves it. He can only send the city departments five, six and seven videos showing someone WILL be run down by lazy, selfish drivers making a quick right into oncoming one way traffic on Second St. from Warren to cut through the BJ's parking lot to get to Washington. He's sent videos of people almost being run down there. Nobody contacts him or does anything about it. When someone does get hit and sues the city, Johnny will ensure all the emails and videos he sent the city will be made available to the victim. Again, yes, the city will deserve the lawsuit. They deserve to lose millions.

Johnny's done trying to make a difference with preventative measures and ideas. Instead Johnny is just going to point out the scofflaws and idiots, moron city workers, and sleeping cops. Plenty of that to keep us entertained but as far as investing any more time (or his own money) in trying to improve Jersey City, he's out because it's apparent from our city "leaders" and department heads and government employees they don't want anything to change and will work very hard to keep things in their current FAILED stages here in Jersey City.

Johnny's got the money, he can live and retire anywhere he wants and forever he thought it'd be right here. Now, after seeing, really seeing his city government and departments in inaction, he's just not that sure anymore.

Know this though, a city asset is taking a cue from the "leaders" and saying fuck it.

Protecting the city, one nap at a time, the JCPD...

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