Wednesday, May 10, 2017

12 JCPD officers in "stand around construction site jobs" tax scandal now suspended

12 Jersey City police officers have now been suspended (with pay) for their part in not paying taxes on those shameful standing around construction site "jobs". Terrence T. MacDonald not only has this minor update, he has a much bigger one to share as well. First the deck chair shuffling:

The officers have not been charged with a crime, and the city has declined to specify how they are related to the federal investigation into officers who worked private security jobs off duty. They were placed on modified duty and stripped of their guns in January.

Here's where McDonald really moves this story forward:

Law-enforcement sources say federal prosecutors are investigating whether some officers took improper payments directly from private companies for performing off-duty security. The companies are also under investigation, the sources say.

Very interesting. No doubt they're more interested in keeping their names out of the paper than pay penalties because they all have to move money to go to the toilet. If you do find out feel free to pass their names along to Johnny.

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