Sunday, May 28, 2017

We can just list Cory Booker on Amazon at this point

There may be varying degrees of ratings and prices as he's been bought more than once on different platforms.

You'll recall in January we pointed out that while all the Democrats and even a few Republicans were on board with importing drugs to help keep prescription costs down for Americans being ripped off by nonsensical Big Pharma pricing games. Even Donald Fucking Trump brought up the idea while running for President. Not Cory Booker, he stood firm with over $55K in NJ Big Pharma money lining his pockets, no to importing drugs from Canada. Not that Booker had any proof of his claim, that we need to check and make sure these drugs are safe, as Johnny wrote at the time:

Let that sink in. At ANY point in the last few years did you read any articles online or see a teevee news report about a bunch of dead Canadians lying outside pharmacies or along Yonge Street in Toronto or on the prairies of Western Canada? Of course you didn't. These drugs are already safe, it's just an excuse for Sen. Booker. 

If that kind of thing is wrong, this next part is disgraceful and possibly harmful to the security of the country -- yeah, it is. Leading Democrats in Washington D.C. as well as former CIA, FBI and national security experts believe at the very least Jared Kushner's Russian dalliances mean his security clearance should be reviewed and probably revoked at this point. The experts folks, the experts.

Know who thinks he needs to stand up for Jared Kushner AND his security clearance, (something when in doubt for Christ's sake should be double-checked) Cory Booker. Yep, Booker went to bat for Kushner after all we know and the experts have told us.

What's Senator Booker's reasoning for not wanting to chase down US/Russia espionage charges? Maybe the fact Jared and Ivanka Trump held two max out the donations fundraisers for Booker.

There you go. Cory's good friends Jared (Awwww, he went to Jared) and Ivanka lining his pockets full of campaign cash might do it, what do you think New Jersey? Democrats should be beyond mildly worried at this point with Booker's ability to make the wrong choices shortly after getting money from Big Pharma, Big Real Estate, Big Celebrity, et al.

We know from following the Senator on Twitter he likes inspirational quotes for certain situations. Here's one:

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"    
 -- Billy Graham

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