Thursday, May 25, 2017

We were going to cover other things tonight...

...that was until, for reasons unknown, the entire, and by entire we mean all 9 city council members, decided to vote against an ordinance introduced by Councilman Michael Yun that would have banned puppy mill puppies from being sold in Jersey City pet stores. Slam dunk in basketball, tap-in in golf, it's the easiest thing in the world to do the right thing and protect animals.


All nine council members, all nine thought puppy mills were A-Ok (don't bother with technicalities about boutique breeds, such a minuscule number vs thousands of dogs and cats who can't get adopted, you're gonna lose that moral argument), or at least OK enough the sale of them is fine in Jersey City. It's beyond shameful. It's the most ashamed Johnny has ever been since he moved to Jersey City. The Humane Society has presented this same ordinance in hundreds of other places and it's been adopted in every single one, until now. It's beyond the pale.

It doesn't really matter if it gets reintroduced, it's not going to wipe the shame away of voting against the best interests of animals. Here are their names, if they're all in on their awful votes they won't mind this list, if it bothers any of them in the least, yeah, they know they fucked this up:

Council President-Rolando R. Lavarro, Jr.
Councilwoman at Large-Joyce Watterman
Councilman at Large-Daniel Rivera
Ward A (Greenville) Councilman-Frank Gajewski
Ward B (West Side) Councilman-Chris L. Gadsden
Ward C (Journal Square) Councilman-Richard Boggiano
Ward D (The Heights) Councilman-Michael Yun
Ward E (Downtown) Councilwoman-Candice Osborne
Ward F (Bergen/Lafayette) Councilman-Jermaine Robinson

As long as you serve you will never be free of this vote. By the way, Johnny's going to unleash hell upon you on the Twitter, gonna invite some animal rights groups to tell you why your vote sucked.

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