Thursday, May 4, 2017

The JCPD is a D+ force in a B+ city

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop likes to say he's trying to build his city into the best mid-sized city in America. Well, he's got the hard-working and creative residents to do it. He's certainly got the restaurants and food scene to make that happen. He's got the locale to be sure. Know what he lacks (and it's on him as well)? A top flight, or even mid-flight police department.

It's a wreck and right now if it were to get a grade it'd get a D+ and the + is generous. It's a crooked disgrace. A few years ago you'll recall this is the same department that was neck-deep in a steroid scandal. You've got a department right now that recently though it fully appropriate to pull police on actual patrol, ie really looking for bad guys, and made them stand around construction jobs utterly pointlessly FOR the developers. As for he stand around jobs, you'll also recall, at least 12 JCPD officers are in serious Dutch for lying or not reporting their wages from these gravy stand around "jobs."

It's a disgrace and friends, when you read this you'll get the idea just how bad the professional cancer has spread at the JCPD.

Ramon Lugo is preparing to sue Jersey City and dear readers, this reporter hopes he wins based on these facts. Follow us on this first part; On March 2nd, 32 year veteran JCPD Lt. Raymond Mahan was driving on Kennedy Blvd. in the wee hours of the morning and collided with Lugo's car at Kennedy and Bartholdi Avenue. In their report the JCPD wrote, and this is of vital importance:

According to an accident report, Mahan, driving south on Kennedy Boulevard at about 4 a.m., struck Lugo's Toyota Rav4 while Lugo was headed west on Bartholdi Avenue. After the collision, Mahan, driving a city-issued Chevrolet Malibu with a passenger inside, struck two cars parked on Kennedy Boulevard, according to the report. When investigating officers arrived at the scene, Mahan's car was found about four blocks away from the site of the initial collision, the report states.

Lugo was issued a summons for not stopping for an emergency vehicle. The accident report says Lugo told police he "noticed a dark color vehicle with emergency lights activated" but added because he had the green light "he thought he had enough time to make it through the intersection" before Mahan's car went through it.

Except that police report is utter bullshit, the cops made it all up to protect Boss Moss Mahan. Lugo, according to his attorney, was never even interviewed about the accident. JCPD just looked at whom Mahan was and the sham was on. No DUI test, no charges, no nothing (those may have to come AFTER the true facts came out, #SAD). Forget the fact he hit Lugo and two other vehicles, right off the hop the bad actors in the JCPD acted. The JCPD decided to make up the police report that put an innocent man on the hook for their boss. That's beyond the pale, it's dishonest, gutless and shameful. Lugo never saw any emergency lights because there were no emergency lights. Speaking of which, WHOM was riding with Mahan that night? A date? A friend? A relative? Hopefully they can get a correct story nailed down from them however doubtful.

When asked about this further malfeasance by this city's PD, Jersey City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill just kicked the can on all questions to the Hudson County prosecutor's office after a nothingburger comment back in March. Not at all surprising Morrill would punt, she always does when it comes to the JCPD that her boss is in charge of. More irresponsibility from Mr. Fulop's minions.

Where is Carmine Disbrow? The Police union spokesman is always running for a microphone to tell us just how hard his cops have it and how brilliantly they do their jobs, except of course when they don't. He can't keep his mouth shut except when of course his cops are the bad actors.

So there you go friends, the JCPD are not looking out for you in these cases. They'll close ranks and protect their own at every turn, Jersey City resident and taxpayers be damned. Best advice, stay out of the Jersey City Police Department's way when they are breaking the law.

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