Monday, May 8, 2017

Fulop forced to admit the Kushner/Journal Square abatements tainted

On both Twitter and Facebook this past weekend, Mayor Steve Fulop was forced (in part by yours truly who was first out of the box in criticisms over the burgeoning EB-5 scandal in JSQ last week, of course along with other watchdog groups) to openly admit the city would not be backing the Kushner abatement after video and still images came out of China of Jared Kushner relatives dropping his name to get funding for Journal Square properties (and according to CBS News the Trump buildings on Bay St. as well) where a large buy in gets an EB-5 visa to get a green card. Yeah, the Trump Administration is all about keeping people out, unless they can give him money.

So, good for Mayor Fulop for announcing this but it's too bad it took an outcry to get his announcement made public.

Ever vigilant Jersey City, we must always all be ever vigilant with our money.

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