Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Do you love autographs? Johnny loves autographs

He does of course ask for them in appropriate places, ie after shows or at a move/book/show event. Not while they're eating or just out enjoying life. That's their time but Johnny digresses...

If you'd like to get your favorite FBI agent's autograph, start hanging around Journal Squared or Trump Bay St. and simply look for those dullard cars with lights in the back to start pulling up. As we learned some of those shady B-5 visas Jared Kushner's sister was pretty much selling in China (That were used on Trump Bay St and the ask was on in China for J2) may have directly led to the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Word is once Jared found out the FBI was looking into dodgy financing deals, and not just stupid shit Flynn and Manafort were up to, it sounds like he made wee wee:

Yep, once trouble is coming at you, make those solidly formed decisions and put them into motion, it's a family trait.

Be polite when you ask for your autographs, be prepared they could be too busy handcuffing someone or investigating the fountains of fuzzy math they could come across. Sometimes they do say no but sooner or later of you stand right outside J2 or Trump Bay St., you'll get your man...or woman.

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