Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's a riddle

Johnny was goddamned busy all day (which is really busy for an Atheist) and just spun by the offices to turn the coffee maker off Kiki left on when she left.

Instead of discussing Jersey City today, let's enjoy a riddle together. Post your answers in comments. We'll point out a correct answer but the quest shall go until Friday's Late Night Open Thread.

Here you go (and it's not taken from the internet, it's in Johnny's brain so no cheating for you):
You are in a room, it is painted white and it unexceptional but for two doors, one on either side of the room across from each other. On the opposite walls from the doors there is one computer on each wall. Four walls, two doors, two computers. Got it? Behind one door is freedom, of course it is. You can't have TWO doors that lead to man eating tigers. That's no fun. So, one door leads to freedom and only one leads to el tigre. Since you don't know which door is which that's why we have computers. The computers are specially programmed. One wants you to get out and one wants to feed the kitteh. One does nothing but lie the other tells nothing but the truth.

You got one question to get out that door. Not one question of each computer, oh hellz no. You get one question of either computer. One. One question doing this correctly WILL indeed get you out the correct door. You've now got until Friday night to figure out which question that is.


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