Tuesday, May 9, 2017

11 days in Jersey City, 4 homicides

Caitlin Mota with the Jersey Journal in some very good reporting got some troubling quotes from family members of the latest victim. The shooting at Woodlawn Ave between Corcoran and Van Cleef streets happened this afternoon. As helicopter hovered above and the body was covered with a white tent Mota heard some very chilling quotes which make this a much much bigger story.

Any family members and friends would be angry, sad, upset, raging, any number of emotions but those emotions turned out these quotes:

"It's not even summer yet," one resident said while sitting on his porch.

"Where the (expletive) were you when this happened?" one woman yelled to the authorities. "You're always out here busting for the wrong (expletive)."

Boy howdy you hope that doesn't become some kind of premonition about a long hot summer with residents mad at the JCPD for, in their opinion, concentrating on the wrong priorities. We'll all know soon enough but this is an article you put a star next to and refer back to.

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