Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another day, anther dishonest cop

Johnny again and again called on Mayor Fulop to end this nonsensical stand around job idea, bet he wishes he'd have listened to Johnny back when.

Yet another Jersey City Police Officer, this one recently retired, (which is why his name didn't come up in the earlier list of TWELVE officers caught up in this federal probe) Anthony Iannicco has been caught up in the federal investigation into Jersey City PD stand around jobs. Iannicco now faces an offense that could send him to prison for up to five years. He also faces a fine of up to $250,000.

The guy admitted getting paid for jobs he didn't show up to and probably never had any intention of doing so. When these worthless jobs weren't covered they actually made the decision to pull cops off patrol to staff the stand around jobs. Yes, if you are reading this from outside Jersey City and said WTF, that DID that? Yes, we did. Those comments made by spokesperson Jennifer Morrill, yeah, dismiss those out of hand, again, the mayor was warned by Johnny and many others on social media this program stunk to high heaven. Can't claim to be the leaders on this when it took the feds to bust it open.

So, yes, again, another bad cop exposed in Jersey City, one wonders when that spigot might ever slow to a trickle.

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