Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sad to hear Candice Osborne won't run for re-election

Her reasoning for not wanting to run for a second term are solid, spending time with her son as he graduates high school and begins looking at colleges. Johnny's reasoning for wanting her to stay is personal, he's been able to make his little area of Jersey City better working with the Councilwoman. Yes, Johnny has and does disagree with her love of abatements but she's also been the only voice of reason when it comes to a sane parking/pedestrian policy. She's acted when Johnny's had enough stupidity downtown when it comes to construction nonsense. She worked with Johnny to give Lloyd Goldman and BLDG, builders and executors of The One, a bill north of one million dollars for their destruction of a city park in fines and holding up their certificate of occupancy. Osborne also didn't just show up at events for bad builders who we know she saw as bad actors in Jersey City. She tried promoting, rather than being negative. She was accessible. She followed up. She's also one of two people who know Johnny's real identity.

Johnny will miss her. Best to Councilwoman Osborne in her future endeavors. As Johnny said on Twitter, he'll now put a bucket on his head and run for her seat.

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