Sunday, June 11, 2017

Glad to see the Big Apple BBQ got the messages about the size

After sitting out a couple years after making all the Big Apple BBQ's since moving out here, Johnny was pleased to see the sheer size of the event had been scaled back. 26th St. didn't have pitmasters set up on both sides of the street and the set up didn't just keep going up Madison Ave until it just seemed to finally stop. There also seemed to be better organization around the food pick-up spots. Also, even though it was 95º today if you got there at 11 when it started, sat under that Amazon thick tree canopy on the far east side of the park, the breeze made it feel like 80º. You could enjoy ribs and brisket and chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches and still make room for a fried apple pie without getting overheated.

Glad to see a great great event has righted the ship.

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