Friday, June 9, 2017

The Jersey City Police think they are the 4th branch of government

Remember a while back Johnny called Jersey City a B+ town with a D+ police force?

The JCPD just failed all their final exams and will be held back. Well, they'll be holding the city back we should say.

As mentioned last evening, Johnny has been following the case of the fiery wreck that ended with Jersey City police officers kicking a man on fire who was not involved in the chase. Before it ended however, Jesus Christ what a stupidity-laden evening for the JCPD. They even got their new trucks taken away it was so bad.

So, we have a chase through the streets and neighborhoods of Jersey City. Multiple neighborhoods and multiple city jurisdictions. As Mayor Fulop pointed out, this chase, and the way it was carried out was an embarrassment, he also pointed out the chase broke city guidelines on such matters. For one it sounds like in addition to not weighing the offense vs. the chase, Fulop also pointed out that the police were hanging out of their car windows at high speeds and going around corners actually SHOOTING at the suspect like you may have seen in the Blues Brothers:

OK, Act One wasn't pretty. Act Two doesn't get any better.

As we all know from video, the car being chased (and we want a 50 year automatic sentence for the driver for his bullshit BTW) crashed into another car and a utility pole which started a right bright and intense fire. One of the people, NOT THE SUSPECT, was desperately tearing his clothes off next to the scene and then one, then another JCPD officer ran up and KICKED the man, trying to get away from a crash and fire he had NOTHING TO DO WITH.
After this mess all played out, embarrassingly for our fair city, the coverups began. Jersey Journal reporter Caitlin Mota made the point right away police were not cooperating by admitting where the chase went, if shots were fired and what finally happened. JCPD were quick to point out the driver who fled but not their own ridiculous actions during and after. They knew they were doing it wrong, they still chose to do it then they felt the need to hide from their heinous decisions.

Give us back those trucks

Mayor Fulop is right to want to prosecute and fire these JCPD ass-clowns. Sorry, that's what they are. They are a poor representation of our city and there is zero need to keep bad actors on the Jersey City police force. This kind of wild west policing comes from a very dangerous place, that police think they are allowed to do anything and every damn thing they want to while on duty (and increasingly off) needs to change. There needs to be a new attitude and new leadership in the JCPD ASAFP because where we disagree with the Mayor on this is is when he called it an isolated incident.

Far from it. The Jersey City Police have a simply awful history of following laws and rules like you and Johnny are expected to. How many DUI's were covered up as professional courtesy (Robbinsville Vincent Corso?) Should be zero. The steroid abusers, the on-duty stand around jobs scamming the city of revenue in 100 count federal indictments, disbanded motorcycle groups, getting arrested in Bayonne with drugs, pro-militia groups within the department, and on and on and on.

You tell us Jersey City, it's a crappy force right now isn't it? If the word crappy offends you, or if you're a professional apologist like Carmine Disbrow, then DO something to make the force better instead of complaining and constantly whining about any improvements being undertaken. "Oh, let's not rush to judgement" said no police union spokesperson ever when dealing with a criminal suspect. Stop blaming citizens like Johnny who rightly point out the JCPD nonsense, stop crying when the mayor has tough words for your stupidity, stop sniveling if city council wants to know what you're doing and how.

Try looking in the mirror. You can up your game and make the JCPD a better police force or you can let the citizens and elected officials outline how your jobs get done. Your choice.

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