Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Trump Bay St. projects using EB-5 visas has clearly rattled city hall

Sounds like the one who should be especially rattled is Council President Rolando Lavarro. The story about government agencies and bad actors literally bending, if not outright ignoring certain areas in the PAD to make the area of Trump Towers on Bay St. seem underprivileged, broken down, poor and almost destitute. 

What about Lavarro? Glad you asked, citizen:

"This is the first I've heard," Lavarro said. "I would have to do a little independent research on that."

Lavarro is also chair of the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency, which in April 2013 designated an LLC controlled in part by Kushner as the developer of Trump Bay Street, located at 65 Bay St. near the waterfront.

Jennifer Morrill, city spokeswoman, well she didn't know no nuthin'.

Terrence T. McDonald is an excellent, award-winning and tenacious reporter. Johnny gets the feeling between the Bay St. visa issues and the newly turned-up 235 Grand St. visa 'sales', along with the hash that has become of J2, something bad is going to shake loose. 

Some people just don't want to go to jail, ya know?

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